We have A Team!

What a week!

On Monday, I spent 8 hours at the Wildlife park, stressing about the meeting I had planned later that night. I was really worried that either no one would show up, or people would show up and think I was insane for considering this idea. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

A lovely group of people came to the inital meeting, and it would seem that everyone is on board and wanting to make this happen. We have people from all walks of life with all kinda of different skills that are going to make this project a reality, I couldn’t be more excited.

So what’s next?

The website will be gradually changing, and made to fit with our logo and colour scheme. The Team information will soon be added to the website also.
I am planning to create a promotional video with a creative team of volunteers, would love to hear everyone’s ideas on this! Something a little different, let’s try to go viral!

I am currently in the middle of negotiations for two fundraising events… I will post them in the events section as soon as I have confirmation

I am also hoping that it won’t be long until we are a Registered Charity which will open many more doors for us.

Lots more news coming soon so stay tuned to the website for updates!

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